The OSU Argon Geochronology Lab carries out 40Ar/39Ar analyses services for outside researchers. If you are interested in getting your samples age dated, then follow the instructions on this page. If you have more questions, please Contact Us before you start your sample preparation.

Sample Preparation and Amounts

We employ a variety of methods to prepare samples for age determinations. The applied methods and amounts of material needed depend on rock type, age, alteration state, the project goals, and on which mass spectrometer the analyses will be carried out.

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Send your samples to our Shipment Address when ready.

OSU TRIGA Irradiations

Samples are irradiated at the OSU Radiation Center in the TRIGA experimental reactor, typically at 1 MW power for periods appropriate for the age and composition of sample unknowns. The neutron flux is monitored with a variety of standard samples (Mmhb-1 hornblende, FCT-3 biotite, TCR sanidine). There is also a Cd-shielded irradiation location which is designed to block slow (thermal) neutrons in preference to fast neutrons. Irradiated materials are disposed through the OSU Radiation Safety Office. All workers in our laboratory are trained in the safe handling of radioactive materials.

Analysis Fee

The standard analysis fee per sample for an incremental heating experiment with 15-20 steps on the ARGUS VI multi-collector is $1,000 and includes standard procedure sample preparation, irradiation, disposal of irradiated material and data reduction.

Samples are typically analyzed in the order received.

For other than the standard fee schedule (e.g. incremental heating experiments with more incremental heating steps, single crystal total fusion experiments, expedited processing, application of more elaborate sample preparation and/or acid-leaching procedures) or if you like to visit our facility and take part in the data analyses, please Contact Us.

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