Detailed Fee Schedules

The OSU Argon Geochronology Lab carries out 40Ar/39Ar analyses services for outside researchers. Below you will find the Detailed Fee Schedules for analyses on the a ARGUS VI multi-collector.


Complete New ARGUS VI Facility with CO2 Laser and Extraction Line

The standard analysis fee per sample for an incremental heating experiment with 30 steps on the ARGUS VI multi-collector is $1,300 and includes standard procedure sample preparation, irradiation, disposal of irradiated material, up to 10 procedure blank runs, air standard runs, collector calibrations and data reduction. Additional fees may apply as follows:

  • Extra Incremental Heating Steps above 30 steps will add $30/step to the overall analytical cost
  • Single Crystal Total Fusion Experiments above 20 crystals will add $30/crystal to the overall analytical cost
  • Expedited Processing can be requested by Contacting Us against an additional fee
  • $750 Analysis Fee applies for students/visitors participating in the analyses in our laboratory
  • Advanced Sample Preparation and/or Acid-Leaching Procedures adds $75/hour to the overall analytical cost